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  • イベント情報 | 2017/03/27

    The biggest Festival in Kushiro “Tairyo Donpaku” is on Sep. 1st ~ 3rd! Fireworks is planned on 2nd ;)

  • イベント情報 | 2016/2月
    ☆3月のイベント/Event in March☆
    さて、今月で冬を楽しむアクティビティもそろそろ終盤を迎えます。まだ、道東の冬を満喫できていない方はお急ぎください(^^) ※例年野生のタンチョウが確実にご覧いただけるのは、3月中旬ごろまでです。
    Welcome to Kushiro!
    In March, it is the end of winter in Kushiro Shitsugen National Park, which is a wetland registered under Ramsar Convention and Japan’s largest wetland with area of 28,000 ha. If you have not enjoyed winter ineast Hokkaido yet, this month is the last chance;) Wild crane can be seen at feeding spot until middle of march. Please visit Kushiro to enjoy both spectacular nature & seasonal fresh seafood! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us anytime.
    Temperature in Mar.: Average about -1℃
    Kushiro Tourism & Convention Association.
    Email: mail@kushiro-kankou.or.jp
    アクティビティー/Canoeing: http://www.kushiro-kankou.or.jp/activity/index.html
    丹頂観察マップ/Crane Observation Map:Welcome to port
  • イベント情報 | 2016/11月~3月頃
    ●特別天然記念物タンチョウ/ Japanese Crane●
    Japanese crane was designated as a Special Natural Monument in 1952. Currently, approximately 1,000 Japanese cranes live in East Hokkaido throughout the year. The largest bird in Japan, Japanese cranes are regarded as birds of love since, once they have found a mate, they remain in pairs for the rest of their lives and cooperate in bringing up their offspring.
    We will start introducing each feeding spots & observation spots from this month on our facebbok page. Do not miss it!